Monday, April 25, 2005


CWS 6, OAK 0

Twenty two scoreless innings. You know, that's not a bad streak if you were a pitcher. You'd get mentions on ESPN if you were able to pull that off. However it is a horrible streak to have if you are the offense of a team.

And alas, the A's are shutout for the second time in as many days. The last time the A's were on the losing end of back to back shutouts was in 1997. On this day in 1997, Hong Kong was still a British Colony. On this day in 1997, Princess Diana was still alive.

It's ironic that when this young season was started I believed that the starting pitching would be our weak spot. I was wrong. This is seriously beginning to remind me of the early parts of the 2002 season where the offense just stunk it up for a bit. It was after a fiery tirade from Art Howe and Billy Beane pulling the trigger on a few trades that the ship was finally righted.

Yeah, I know...Law of averages, the offense should turn around soon and all that crap, but I'm seriously tired of waiting and seeing good pitching performances wasted.

Now it's up for Harden to play the stopper, again. I'm thinking of going to the game tomorrow, but I have a midterm on Wednesday...I guess I have to study now. Let's hope Harden will be able to shut out thje ChiSox until the A's offense does something, because that's our gameplan right now.

I wonder what's going on in Billy Beane's mind right now. His pitching moves paid off, but the offense is beyond embarrassing. It's early in the season and if he's looking for a bat or two he's not going to be dealing from a position of srtength, a la the Dotel trade. How is this ship going to be righted?

All I have now to comfort me is listening to Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata. Pathetique, that is the state of the A's offense right now.

This sucks.


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