Tuesday, April 26, 2005

OT: More Finger Food

More fast food "surprises."

Man Says He Found Skin on Sandwich -AP, via SF Chronicle 4/25/05

Remember how in the finger incident, the cops and the health inspectors did a finger check of all of the Wendy's employees and found that nobody was missing a digit. They also did the same to the entire supply chain to no avail. Well check out what happens when the health inspectors interview the manager at the Arby's:
Miami County health investigators talked to the restaurant manager, who had a bandage on his right thumb and wore a latex glove, according to a health district report. The manager said he sliced skin from the thumb while shredding lettuce, and sanitized the area but didn't throw away the bin of lettuce, the report said. Scheiding's sandwich contained lettuce.
Wow, that is gross. I smell a lawsuit.
"Why wasn't the food searched, and why wasn't it thrown away?" said Scheiding's lawyer, Hank Hyde.
But at least this one won't be bogus.

Note to self: Don't ever order an Arby's sanwich with lettuce in it ever again.


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