Saturday, April 23, 2005

OT: Finger Food

I forgot to mention the following things in the most previous post. Since it's not A's related I've decided to write a new post. Then I'll sleep.

This weekend in the Bay Area, local Wendys are giving out free Frosty jrs to lure customers back after the "chili con finger" incident.

It worked. I went there for lunch, bought a lot of food from their 99 cent menu and got my free frosty. Yeah, it was tiny, but it was free dammit.

Also it turns out the finger incident may have been bogus since the woman has been arrested. How desperate do you have to be when you resort to putting a severed human finger in your chili so can sue a fast food chain?

I mean, if these allegations are true, that would mean that this lady knowingly put a severed human finger into her own food. That is just nasty.

Good night.


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