Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Offensive Offense

TOR 5, OAK 2

Well, at least the A's didn't get manhandled in this one. Calm down, it's the eight game of a long season. Haren pitched well, allowing one three earned runs in this outing. The A's finally decided get some hits with runners in scoring position in the second inning, but it seems that they stopped doing that shortly afterwards.
Team LOB: 8
I'm a frustrated at why Macha didn't let Byrnes pinch hit in the eighth when Schoenweis was pitching, Schoenweis made quick work of our left handed hitters. And why is Kendall batting third?

The A's seem to be hitting mostly singles, while the Jays had their share of extra base hits tonight. Let's hope for hot bats tomorrow night a turnaround, shall we? No matter how well the pitchers do, we're not going to win games unless our offense decides to score some runs.

Attendance was low tonight, only 10,106, kinda embarrassing but it was frigid today. At times I felt that it was warmer last night that it was this afternoon. I kinda feel sorry for those in attendance tonight. I wanted to be out there, but I need to type a few papers tonight. But I will be out there on Friday night, hopefully to see a turnaround against the Yankees West, the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim).

See that green in the background, that's empty seats.

All right, let's win one, shall we?


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