Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Oakland "K's" (WARNING: This is a rant)

OAK 0, LAA 1

Why does every game have to be a "pitchers' duel"?

I thought this team was all about OBP and low strikeout hitters. The A's K'ed nine times tonight. Blanton pitched too well to have gotten a loss tonight.

Why can't the A's drive in a runner in scoring position? How about a sac fly or something? This team so so unlucky/unclutch right now. The season is almost a month old and we have one of the worst offense in all of baseball right now. How many stellar pitching performances have to be wasted by this staff?

In the 7th inning we had runners at the corners with no out. Why could we just score? A sac fly, anything! The A's had a chance to win and yet again, when it mattered the most, the bats were silent. We keep on making above average pithers look like Cy Young!

Our DH has an o-fer yet again! The Designated HITTER! We pay you to hit! Hell, I'd get an o-fer every night for the A's and I wouldn't even charge them any money.

Well, on the bright side, even with our horrid offense we're only one game below .500.

But it's games like these which frustrate the hell out of me.


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