Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More Giants Haterism

So this is what happens when you're no longer on steroids.

Bond's knee slow to heal (SF Chronicle)

You don't recover as fast as you did when you were on the juice.
San Diego -- One of Barry Bonds' trademarks has been his ability to return from injuries faster than expected, but that does not seem to be likely this time.
I rest my case.

The Giants are currently 6-7 and 5 games behind the Dodgers. I know, small sample size. Ironically the team is still hitting and hitting well without Bonds but with Bonds out of the picture for an even bigger part of the season one might think of how all that money sitting on the bench (or on the DL) would adversely affect the Giants. Especially during trade deadline, can the Giants expand their payroll to get another piece for their team? This coming from a team that has been reducing payroll for the last few seasons, I believe. This is also the team with the better revenue streams in the Bay Area.

These guys are the '04 Mariners waiting to happen. When they do, the sad thing is, the sports media in the Bay Area won't pounce on them. They're very Giants-centric. Even KNBR is a part owner of the Giants, but at least they stopped running those horrible super-deferential to Barry Bonds radio spots.


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