Friday, April 01, 2005

Live Haiku blogging

I never knew I could kill an afternoon by making up A's haikus on the internet. I've dedided to re-post a few for everybody's reading pleasure. Also thanks to batgirl (not the Twins blogger) for some of her works. Here goes:

What is with those clothes?
seen those orange pants before
Zito's walk of shame

Oakland Athletics
Play in the Colisuem
Now called McAfee

Hissyfits wont help
Your chances to make the team
Seth M. Etherton

Bad BART bridge sax guy,
Knows only two stupid songs,
No more Flintstones, please.

Oh, Bobby Crosby
Just try to be popular
By not wrecking guys

Barry Bonds sucks hard,
There is no "A" in steroid,
Well, not anymore.

And here's afew about our division rivals:

I hate the Angels,
They can't agree on city,
Where's the Anaheim?

Beat LA Today
first and last time to agree
with the lousy gnats


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