Friday, April 08, 2005

Heckler Mojo

OAK 2, TB 3 10 innings

Last year when the A's went to play the Rays at the dome some heckler started to heckle the hell out of Durazo. Durazo in turn jacked two home runs that game and was on fire for the rest of the series. That same heckler this time decided to heckle Swisher, in turn had some horrible AB's and as 0 for 5 with three K's. I guess the Force was not strong in this one.

Chavez also had some bad AB's too, he got behind in the count often and K'ed twice. I thought Chavez was a much more patient hitter than that. Byrnes still making some bad swings on some bad pitches. Durazo really need to get in the groove, if Durazo puts up some good power numbers not just a good average, like last year, Chavez will see better pitches. Also Swish and Durazo seemed to be rally killers tonight.
Team LOB: 13
Although the bullpen took the loss on this one they (with the exception of Rincon who managed to hit Huff with a pitch) pitched well, I'm liking this bullpen.

Also the rest of the 2005 A's commercials are in. I highly reccomend "Harden Run-In" and "First Commercial." "Breakfast" is just wierd enough to be funny and cool.

Despite the loss, we're still in first (albeit a three way tie), all's right with the world.


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