Wednesday, April 13, 2005


TOR 3, OAK 6

I only listened to the final two innings on the radio because I was at church leading the choir rehearsal. I love my church job and all but since rehearsals are on Wednesday nights, that means I can't make it to any $2 Wednesday games unless if it's a day game. It's a small sacrifice to pay so I can make money so I can make it to A's games.

I was lucky to be able to tune into the game by the time of the pivotal eighth inning where the A's broke it open. It is good to finally see (actually hear) some clutch hitting from these guys. Our LOB totals are lower than Toronto's tonight:
Team LOB: 6 (TOR), 5 (OAK)
The five men left on didn't bother me because three of those were from the eighth inning when Swisher struck out with the bases juiced, but it didn't matter because by the time Swisher was fanned, the damage had been done already.

Tonight's lineup also made more sense.


Good to see Kendall not batting in the three-spot. I wish Byrnes was more consistant vs. RHP so he could be in the starting line up breaking the sucession of lefty batters in the 3,4,5, spots. Whatever, we won and we didn't get swept, that's all that matters. I also learned something tonight.

Church=good mojo

I said in an earlier post that I was going to church on Friday. I'm following through, I'm not going to bring God into this by specifically praying for the A's, but I need to follow through on my words. I think just me being in church is good mojo, I don't have to pray for the A's.

The Angels will come in for the next home series. I will be in the left field bleachers on Friday night, bring it on.


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