Friday, April 08, 2005

Giants Haterism

The Seventh Inning Stretch, bringing to you quality A's coverage and a bastion of Giants Haterism.

LAD 6, SF 0

Ha ha...This is what happens when the average age of your outfield starters is somewhere in the neighborhood 39.

Lineup takes hit: calf strain might land Alou on DL. That means 2/3 of their outfield will be on the DL, I don't see that kind of depth on the Giants roster like I do on the A's roster. Hell for the A's Crosby's on the DL and we have Scoot taking care of business.

Yes the Giants outfield may have "experience," but when people grow older they start breaking down and get hurt. That's what happened to the Mariners last year and that's what might happen to the Giants this year.

The good thing about this is well, this will weed out all of the bandwagon jumpers and leave the hardcore Giants fans. I respect the hardcore Giants fan, they actually know baseball.

And for once, Ratto decides to rip on the Giants. It's a miracle


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