Saturday, April 23, 2005


Deprived of strength; debilitated.

-Definition courtesy of

In other words, contrary to popular belief, enervated is not a synonym of "energize."
OAK 5, LAA 6

I slept through parts of the game again tonight. The worst part of it was I was technically at work, so I was slacking off and sleeping on the job at the same time. It's nothing serious. My actual work was done and I was off the clock but I decided to take advantage of the cable TV to catch the game before I went home. I'm still enervated from my long week.

So the bats were alive tonight...for one inning. It was told during spring training that Haren could be easily distracted if there were runners on base. Not only were there runners, but those runners were stealing bases, something that Anaheim (or LA or whatever) is good at. Perhaps that unnerved him even more. I'm not worried because rookies get rocked every once in awhile so it's no big deal, but my fantasy team sure took a hit tonight thanks to that guy. At least I'm still in the middle of the pack (I was in third place) in the league where money's on the line. But I am getting spanked for the second week in a row in my "get drunk with fraternity brothers" league.

Relief pitching was good, Cruz turned it around and Street pitched himself out of a jam. The loss didn't hurt that much to me. I guess I'm too sleepy to feel bad. Besides, it's a long season and even without production from our "big bats" (I think I've mentioned this about a gazillion times by now) we're at .500 and we're not stinking it up.

I gotta sleep.

Here's to a win tomorrow.


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