Monday, April 04, 2005

Confessions of a baseball junkie...

The A's had a 12:05 PM PDT start today. At that moment I was in class. Guess what I was doing when there was a lull in my class? I was checking the score on my cell phone. Guess what I was doing when I was walking between buildings? I was on my cell phone yet again checking the scores. When I was getting my lunch and found out one of the TVs at the union had FSN Bay Area, guess what I was doing? Watching and discussion the game with a total stranger who was also a baseball junkie. I was late to a class today thanks to the game. But it's all my fault and I take full responsibility for it.

I am so glad that baseball is back. And I love my cell phone with wireless mobile web and the I can access with it.

OAK 0, BAL 4

I wish the outcome would have been different. Barry Zito didn't look bad but it seemed that nobody bit on his curve. Bobby Crosby still doesn't look fully recovered from his wrist injury and Byrnes need to chill out and not try to be like Vlad Guerrero or Roy Hobbs and swinging wildly in hopes of jacking a ball out of the zone. I mean this guy had some ugly cuts on some balls way up and out of the zone. Not that I'm pissed or or anything.

However there is a cause for concern:
Team LOB: 10
New year, new players, same old A's. We need drive in some runs! Well I'm not worried yet, it's a long season and they've only played one game.


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