Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bobby the Destroyer

Last year, Bobby Corsby ended Mark Ellis' season before it began in spring training when he collided with Ellis, tearing his laburm. This year is seems that the baseball gods are paying him back with karma. Bobby Crosby left the game early yesterday, I thought it had to do with his wrist but instead it may be somthing different and/or worse...
The injury was described as upper-back pain, and it is unclear if it is related to the severely bruised ribs Crosby received two weeks ago when he was hit in the back in a spring game against Texas.

"Back, ribcage -- it's kind of nebulous right now," athletic trainer Larry Davis said. "It could be bone, it could be muscle, it's hard to say."

Davis said X-rays taken at the stadium were negative. Crosby's distress was evident, however. He was walking gingerly after the game and winced when he spoke.

"It's difficult to breathe," he said. "I can barely stand."

Crosby said he woke up feeling fine but felt a little stiff during batting practice.
"I can barely stand..." That doesn't sound good at all. At least we have depth in the infield and Scutaro could start in his place but it's just not good to see the reigning AL ROY being sidelined. Also with Harden's start being pushed back due to that blister, Kirk Saarloos is being activated to start the Wednesday game against the O's. With Scutaro staying with the big club to cover for Crosby, Huston Street would probably be the one sent down to AAA to make room for Saarloos.

Huston Street sent bck down to the minors after his first big league opening day, it's kinda funny when you think of it.

No worries, I'm just glad we've got a deep roster so injuries can't affect us that much. Get well soon Bobby, and here's to a win on Wednesday.



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