Saturday, April 16, 2005

At least I had fun with my friends...

LAA 6, OAK 1

I'm keeping the "Earned Runs for Troops" thing. It worked for Zito. He pitched well, in fact too well for him to have taken the loss. It's a pity he didn't get run support. His pitches were thrown for strikes, his curve was working and umpires were calling it for strikes and he did something he rarely does, he pitched deep into the game.

However the bullpen let this game go out of hand with a disastrous outing by Juan Cruz. I starting to have my doubts about this guy, this guy just couldn't throw strikes tonight. We gave up Huddy for this?

No matter how suspect, or good, our pitching is, we're not going to win any games unless our offense scores some runs. And by that I mean we need a few key bats to wake up, specifically Durazo and Chavez.

Also is it just me, or does Eric Byrnes' throwing arm just suck?

Well, I had fun at tonight's game hanging out with the flag waving denizens of the Left Field Bleachers. I sat in the third row behind the pom pom guy. My camera ran out of batteries, or I would have taken a photo with that guy.

Well, Harden's going to take the mound tomorrow. Day game, Washburn pitching, it's as good a day as ever to have the offense wake up.


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