Thursday, April 14, 2005

And they say us A's fans are horrible people...

In tonight's matchup between the Yanks and the Sawx there was altercation between some fans and Gary Sheffield. The video is on, check it out. I'll let do the talking for me:
Sheffield was fielding Jason Varitek's two-run triple along the right-field fence in the eighth inning of Boston's 8-5 victory Thursday night when a fan swung a short uppercut in his direction, appearing to graze the side of the slugger's face with his right arm.

"I just felt something hit me in the mouth," Sheffield said. "I don't know if he hit me or not, it felt like it. I thought my lip was busted."

After Sheffield picked up the ball, he shoved the fan before throwing the ball back to the infield. Another fan tossed a beer at Sheffield, who whirled around with a cocked fist but restrained himself.

One fan swiped Sheffield in the face while another threw a beer at him. What did Sheffield ever do to those people?

And thet say us Oakland A's fans are some of worst fans in the League while BoSox fans pick fights with opposing team players.

That is a classless act. I don't even know how this compares to the chair throwing incident. We didn't punch any Rangers pitchers.

I'm really beginning to hate the Red Sox. Could my hatred of the Sawx eclipse my hatred of the Yanks? The Yankees, despite their "evilness," still display class. Red Sox players and fans don't display class. They're a bunch of assholes drunk with a World Series victory.

UPDATE 10:16 PM: After reviewing the videos on and many times, I still stand by my gross overreaction; the "punch" may be an accident (though I still doubt it), the beer throwing is obviously intentional. Thank God cooler heads prevailed, but these fans have no class.

UPDATE 11:15 PM:

Yeah, the beer toss looks definitely intentional, look at the cup angle. The fan fell away from Sheff, but their beer fell towards Sheff?


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