Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What is up with Milton Bradley?

All right, those Korean Baseball Cartoons by Choi Hoon aren't exactly news anymore, it's made it's rounds around the blogosphere.

On the Dodgers team strip, Bradley is in every panel wigging out with a ball bag. The ball bag reference is from the one incident where Bradley tosses a ball bag and lots of balls onto the field of play after he gets tossed from a game. Bradley has a well documented history of...um...volatility. (sorry can't get a link to the ball throwing story, I tried my best.)

One might thing the Milton Bradley joke ends with the Dodger's strip, but Milton Bradley strikes again.

-from "M&M Boys (2)" 1/25/05

And again.

-from "Philidelphia Phillies" 3/2/05

So I pose the question I asked before; What is up with Milton Bradley? What's the author's fixation on the ball throwing incident about?

Since I can't read Korean, this seems like a big inside joke of which, I'm not on the inside.


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