Thursday, March 10, 2005

Undead Byrnes Rumors

They just don't go away.

I've never really had a problem with Ken Macha until now. Well, besides the time last year when he put Mecir in the game with the Division on the line. Check out this quote from today's SF Chronicle:

"We're looking at things right now,'' Macha said. "Byrnes is playing well. ... He might not be here, I don't know.

Straight from the horse's mouth. It's been said that Byrnes often performs better when he's "under the gun" so this might just be a mind game. But this is kinda messed up.

The Byrnes rumors refuse to die because Billy Beane refuses to let it die by coming out and saying he's not trading Byrnes, which is a very Billy Beane thing to do. But it doesn't make sense to trade Byrnes right now, Kielty (Beane's annointed one for some odd reason) is still nursing a sore calf and Swisher hasn't been swinging the bat well all spring. I've never bought into Swisher's ROY hype, I personally believe if the A's were to have a ROY candidate again, it's going to be one of the new pitchers. With MacPherson's back going it is a distinct possibility.

I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who's against trading Byrnes, like Mark Kotsay (who should have won the Gold Glove last year):

"I'd like to see Eric stay in an A's uniform,'' Kotsay said. "He's a great player and he definitely can help this ballclub.''

Or Eric Chavez:

"I think he should be here,'' third baseman Eric Chavez said. "Our job is not to general-manager the team, but you're always better with better players. I told Eric today, 'You're not in the lineup -- you bring energy to the lineup.' And he brings energy to the fans, and the fans love him.''

How true you are Chavvy. Yeah, Byrnes may mis-judge a whole lot of balls making routine catches look spectacular. He is also very streaky in a manic-depressive way, MVP for one month and garbage the next, but he does bring an energy to the game, and us fans are eating it all up. I just love to see this guy sprint from the dugout to LF every inning change.

To quote somebody, who in turn quoted FDR, "He's our son of a bitch."

Trading Byrnes, unless we get something super spectacular in return, is big mistake.

Addendum to post [11:04PM 3/10/05]:

Byrnes for Cameron rumors, RIP. Cameron doesn't want to leave the Mets and his agent has told Mets GM Omar Minaya not to entertain any trade offers.


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