Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Those Darn Angels

Earlier today I visited ESPN.com and saw the following link on my sidebar with all of the A's content:

Los Angeles 17, Oakland 4

At first I thought, I never knew the Dodgers played the A's. I thought the Dodgers were Grapefruit League.

I then clicked on the link and found out that it was the game where the Angels spanked the A's.

Then I got it, the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) vs. the Oakland A's.

It's funny how nobody really uses the "of Anaheim" when describing the Angels execpt for the team on MLB.com.

Can the people at ESPN.com use the three letter abbreviation for box score updates so it's easier to distinguish between LAA and LAD or NYY and NYM or CHC and CHW? It's not that hard, and you get to type less too.


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