Monday, March 14, 2005


n. pl. so·lil·o·quies
    1. A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts without addressing a listener.
    2. A specific speech or piece of writing in this form of discourse.
  1. The act of speaking to oneself.

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Here's my soliloquy, here goes.

Yesterday we closed Traviata. It was an awesome show and one of the best productions I've ever been in.

I'll forever be in debt to the people at Livermore Valley Opera. They gave me a chance, I took it, ran with it and became a much better singer and musician. I held my own performing side by side with much more talented singers, singers who had credits with San Francisco Opera, Europe and many other (bigger) places.

I received a whole lot of priase for my performance in Traviata, from my fellow performers in the show, who were just as awesome as I was, to the conductor and audience members. I especially remember an elderly Italian lady who didn't speak a word of English came up to me after a show and said, "Bellisimo voce, bravo." I can't speak Italian, but I know what those words mean. The best praise, however, came from my parents. They finally approved of my choice in career, they said that.

My parents have always given a tacit approval to my musical pursuits. They knew I was a smart guy and when this music thing didn't work out, I'd just get a job or go to law school or something. They had no fear that I would become a failure but thought that music was just a phase of sorts. Now they know, by seeing me perform, what I've known for some time; I have enough talent to make a living as a musician.

I also know I'm not that good, at least not yet. But I know I have what it takes to get there. I have a C. It's not yet consistant but when it's on it's on. The C is the tenor's money note, that's the key to a career.

Note that I just said "make a living" and not "make it big." I still know my chances at headlining at La Scala or the Met to be slim to none, but I am confident that I can make a living doing what I love. I feel just awesome right now.

Livermore Valley Opera's next show is Mozart's Magic Flute. I think I'm going to try for Tamino. I don't belive the part has anything past an A, let alone a Bb, they're all notes I have and are good at. It's not even the big male role of the opera (actually a Singspiel) the part belongs to Papageno. I'm going to work hard this summer I have a goal now, and it's not just The Magic Flute.


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