Friday, March 18, 2005

The Seventh Inning Stretch: Hangover Edition

Yesterday, after my last final, I hopped on BART went to the city and got drunk. Ahhh St. Paddy's I'll have photos up when I can. At least I didn't get blacked out drunk like last year and hung out with Russian mobsters, last year was all bad.

I can't believe how my body is now hard-wired to wake up at 9:oo in the morning no matter what. I can't sleep in even if wanted to. Since I'm hungover, I would have liked to sleep in.

Now I am paying the price of all that, so here goes.

Can somebody make up a caption for this photo? And people say Eric Byrnes mis-reads a whole lot of balls.

Seems like Yabu isn't going to make the rotation, but at least he's going to stay with the big club. I was really pulling for Yabu, and ethnic pride had nothing to do with it, I'm not Japanese. It will be fun to watch him nonetheless:
"We'll try to stretch him out so that if he's in a position to start, he'll be ready,'' Young said. Asked if his workload indicates he'll be in the bullpen, Yabu bypassed interpreter Andy Painter and responded in English, "Yeah.'' Asked if he'd like more innings, Yabu also answered in English, "No comment,'' with a laugh.

He used another English phrase to describe Hiram Bocachica's outstanding backhand grab on the warning track in left to end the seventh: "Super catch.''

-From the SF Chronicle 3/18/05

At least I was drunk last night and didn't have to listen in on the Steroid Hearings, my childhood idols of the Bash Brothers have been exoposed as merely humans. I knew about Canseco all along, but Big Mac's silent treatment yesterday (I confess, I caught a little bit of the hearings when I had lunch at Buffalo Bill's in Hayward, execellent Corned Beef and Cabbage, excellent beers too, I'm doing a fantasy draft there on Saturday, more drunk time for me) rubbed off as bitchy. It seems that my opinion of McGwire is not unique, one can read on how McGwire is a coward, or how his performance in the hearing yesterday sullied his legacy, or even just pathetic.
"I'm here to be positive,"
-Mark McGwire
Then why did you end look looking like a whiny little bee-yotch. You didn't look so positive yesterday. I feel horrible, and it's not the hangover. Two men I have idolized as a kid are not idol-worthy anymore. Will Giants fans who are 9 or 10 years old today face this feeling that I have now when they grow up and realize Barry Bonds isn't a nice guy who probably used steroids (I don't believe the "I don't know what I was putting in my body" crap).

Speaking of Barry, he's out again with more knee problems, just had another surgury on his right knee with the 'scope. I've read somewhere that 'roid users are more susceptible to tendon, ligament and cartilage injuries, especially at the joints, like Giambi's problems last year.


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