Monday, March 21, 2005


Fines are no longer an option to punish players who've tested positive for 'roids.
Baseball's new agreement had called for a 10-day suspension or up to $10,000 fine for a first positive test. A second positive was to result in a 30-day suspension or up to $25,000 fine, a third in a 60-day suspension or up to $50,000 fine and a four in a one-year suspension or up to $100,000 fine.

After that, discipline is determined by the commissioner.

Now, it's suspensions only.
I couldn't believe the the old (or is this the "new old") policy had that kind of an out. $10K fine? It's less than a slap on the wrist with the salaries the modern ballplayer makes.

I still believe that those hearings were nothing more than a publicity stunt
to further the careers of the congressmen (and women) of the comittee. It seems that the United States Congress has been using it's powers in high profile cases lately. But anyways, I'll take progress any way I can get it.


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