Friday, March 11, 2005

The Oakland Athletics...

...of Oakland.

The A's aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I love the sound of that.

Lew Wolff, the incoming owner of the A's has decided to lead the effort to build a new baseball-only stadium and to look for souces of private funding.

I love this guy. After years of Schott and Hoffman making vague commitments of staying in the Bay Area after threatening to move to greener pastures, it's very refreshing to hear something like that. I don't expect this guy to open his wallets for the MLB payroll, but he is committed to staying in Oakland and is probably spending his personal money to finance a new stadium. I don't need no high priced free agent, I want the A's to stay in Oakland, and once the new stadium is built, then the free agents will come, or at least our talent will stop leaving.

Oakland will get an awesome new Cathedral and a ballpark that the A's deserve. I feel very good right now.

I had a good feeling about this guy when he first signed on with the A's, I'm glad he's going to take over. It sure beats the hell out of Reggie Jackson's ownership group. Those guys wanted to move the A's to Las Vegas.


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