Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kiko Calero compared to Mecir

My first thought was Whaaa? But then I remembered that he's being compared to a healthy Mecir:
A's pitching coach Curt Young said that Calero, 30, is similar to former A's setup man Jim Mecir, when Mecir was healthy and going well, because Calero, who uses a fastball, changeup and a nasty slider, is effective against both right-handed and left-handed hitters. Last year, left-handed hitters batted . 175 against him and right-handers .177. Over his career, it's .198 for lefties, .190 for righties.
The thing is that Mecir had good stats but he never pitched well in a high pressure situation. As long as the A's had a comfortable lead, he'd be lights out. If the lead was slim, you could always expect to see him allow that one clutch hit. Let's hope that Kiko won't buckle under the pressure.

In other reliever-related news Rule-5 draftee Tyler Johnson is being sent back to the Cardinals Organization, he's not making the 25 man roster in Oakland.

Also I'm starting to have my doubts on Octavio Dotel, I don't think he's fully heald from his tendonitis last year. He's had a few shaky outings this spring including this one. As of right now the score down at the Phoenix Muni is:

TEX 11, OAK 9 TOP 9


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