Thursday, March 24, 2005

Huston Street is Awesome

As of right now in Arizona:

OAK 1, CHC 4 MID 6

Meyer has a so-so start allowing four runs in five innings. But Street was called in and was excellent. You can most definitely tell that this guy has earned his spot on the big league roster.

Although Meyer's latest start is better than the last few apearances by Yabu and Etherton, I still believe Meyer should start in AAA. I've have yet to see him pitch, but from what I hear in the blogosphere and the news, he has major league stuff but his head's not quite in the right place yet. Let him start the season in Sac, so he could catch his breath, this is the first time he's consistantly struggled in his career.

Although people have been ragging on Yabu's performance I believe he's still adjusting to the MLB. It's a different sized ball, more power hitters and maybe even a slightly different mound. Give him time, this guy's only going to be our fifth starter.

In other Bay Area baseball news:

Ray Durham of the Giants (formerly of the A's) has injured his groin...again
. I'm glad the A's did not decide to re-sign him. This man refused to DH, his defense is questionable and he gets hurt way too much, in the same areas. Your San Francisco Giants, minus Bonds and Durham, let see how they start out the gate.


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