Sunday, March 20, 2005

Giants Suck

SF 3, OAK 17

Not did the A's totally spank the Giants, but in a duel between two staff aces who will pitch on opening day, our ace (Zito) won. Zito's feeling cocky, I sure hope this bodes well for the Green and Gold and it's not an empty boast like Chavez's "Monster Year" that he was predicting last year. But in Chavvy's defense, he was out for six weeks.

I sometimes joke that I'm a charter member of the Barry Bonds Haters Club but the hate's not that serious. Not serious enough to wish for some ill will, I don't ever wish for bad things to happen to people, no matter how much I dislike somone. However it seems that Barry Bonds migt be in some legal trouble since his ex-girlfriend testified to the Grand Jury that Bonds took steroids.
Bell testified that Bonds had told her about steroids during a visit to her apartment before the start of the 2000 baseball season, the sources said. She quoted Bonds as saying he was using a non-injectable form of the drug and that steroids were commonly used in baseball, according to the sources.

In response to questions, she testified Bonds had undergone physical changes consistent with steroid use, suffering from baldness, acne and other problems, the sources said. But she also told the grand jury she had never seen Bonds use drugs and had not seen drugs in his possession.

Bell was asked about Bonds' relationship with his weight trainer, Anderson. She told the grand jury it was her suspicion that Anderson was administering steroids to Bonds, the sources said.
Hmm... this lady said that Bonds knowingly took steroids. Wait, didn't Barry say he never knowingly took steroids? Let's see.
Bell's story about Bonds and steroids directly contradicts what the Giants star has told authorities. In his sworn testimony before a federal grand jury in December 2003, Bonds denied knowingly taking steroids, saying that Anderson had only given him a clear substance he said was flaxseed oil and a cream he was told was arthritis balm, The Chronicle has reported. Earlier in 2003, Bonds also told an FBI agent he had never taken steroids, according to a transcript of his testimony.
Again, I've never wished any ill will toward Bonds, and even if I did I'd never wish for something like this to happen. Bonds coulb be in the crosshairs of a perjury investigation. You can serve some serious time for perjury. All I can say is that you reap what you sow.


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