Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Giants Suck (and so does Barry Bonds)

OAK 5, SF 1

Huston Street got the win. He's looking sharp.

Not that this matters or anything, it's a spring training game.

As I was driving to school today, I was listening to Jim Rome (actually some guy was subbing for him) some Giants fan called in defending Barry Bonds, stating how he is one of the best players in the game right now. He got shut down pretty fast. It doesn't matter if Bonds is the best in the game right now, I'm not denying that. But Bonds is a grade A asshole and primadonna. I wouldn't cheer for him even if he played for the A's.

Also Bonds will get to DH all spring training, making the Giants (at least temporarliy) an AL team.

Also yesterday I did a thing on Milton Bradley being "volatile" but now he wants to be a role model?

Here's his quote:

"I want to be a role model. That's important to me," the Los Angeles Dodgers' outfielder said. "I grew up on the streets in L.A. and know there's a lot of things that can lead you the wrong way. I'm just trying to set an example for youth in the area so they can say, 'Hey, he made it, so can I.'"

Not to sound like a Negative Nancy or anything but I'll believe it when I see it. His actions, while classless did provide much entertainment value to ESPN. If you do make a turn for the better Milton, I'll sure miss your antics.


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