Monday, March 28, 2005

Divo Update

First Macha shoots back to what Etherton had to say:

But the day after pitcher Seth Etherton expressed frustration at pitching in relief and not knowing more about the situation, Macha offered a reminder that his office door is always open.

"They can come inside anytime if they have a problem," Macha said. "None have been inside."

-Oakland Tribune 3/28/05

Then Etherton apologizes:

On Sunday, after talking to manager Ken Macha, Etherton said, "I said some things that were unprofessional about things that were happening off the field. I vented, and it wasn't right or professional. It wasn't directed toward anyone or the organization, it was just frustration.

"It was out of character for me, and it's something I need to not let happen again. I apologize to (the coaching staff) and the organization.''

-SF Chronicle 3/28/05

It doesn't look so good for Etherton, first this outburst and his Saarloos is having a hot spring. It is said that since Saarloos is not on the 40-man roster he could be sent to AAA without an option for a start before he joins the big club. Etherton on the other hand, needs to be optioned, since he has a AAA contract he can't refuse the option.

As I see it, right now it's advantage Saarloos.


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