Sunday, March 06, 2005


Just came back from the opening performance of Traviata, I am dead tired. The show went really well. I'm lucky that I finished typing a few papers due tomorrow between scenes, I'm too tired to do much so I'll do some lazy blogging now.

Gwen Knapp rocks, of all of the SF Chronicle sportswriters she is just vicious on Barry Bonds. Click here to see her story.

There's another exclusive interview at Athletics Nation, the person interviewed this time is Susan Slusser, the A's beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. I like the interview she yet offers another nail in the coffin of all of those pesky Byrnes/Camron rumors.

SS: It would take a phenomenal offer for someone to pry Byrnes away. Billy says often that he's not looking to trade him, that teams have been calling him about Byrnes rather than the other way around. I think there are maybe two players Billy would consider moving Byrnes for (and no, one of them is NOT Mike Cameron) and even then he'd have to be convinced that Thomas or Kielty (and Swisher,too, for that matter) can play every day. Byrnes is the second-most proven commodity in that outfield, after Kotsay. While I'm not going to guarantee that he'll be around on Opening Day, I think it's far more likely than not.

-from the interview

Also an update on my quest for Randy Johnson. I found the composites for the Class of '82, but it' near impossible to find a photo so small in a class that big. I'll still try though, I'll keep you posted.

I'm out, I need rest, I was a long day.


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