Thursday, March 17, 2005

Congressional Hearings Today

Sham hearings? A new McCarthyism for baseball players? A bi-partisan miracle on Capitol Hill? A publicity stunt for certain members of congress? More unneeded exposure for Jose Canseco? All of the above?

Take your pick. Whatever they are, congressional hearings on steroids are happening right now in DC.

And you know what? There's not a whole lot of new stuff, I'm just waiting for the litany of ball players to plead the fifth. All the stuff that's being said I've already heard on the news or read somewhere, none of this is news. It's funny that most of the previous congressional hearings (like the 9/11 hearings, Enron, Abu Ghraib, etc.), there has been mountains of evidence that the public has never been aware of until the hearing.

All congress is running on are archived news reports and Jose Canseco's book. Things that we all know or have suspected for years.

Nothing new is coming out of this, the parents will tell cautionary tales of how steroids led to the suicide of their kids, the ball players will plead the fifth, and Selig and Fehr will toe the party line and say that the current program is working and they weren't aware of abuses in the past. The only thing I'm looking forward to in a long day's list is Sandy Alderson, the GM of the A's during the Bash Brothers Era, I want to know his insights.

As to the rest of the hearing, for me, it's a big waste of time and the resources of our government.


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