Monday, March 07, 2005

Canseco to testify before congress

As long as he is granted immunity.

Straight from his lawyers mouth:

On "The Sports Bash," attorney Robert Saunooke said that Canseco wants to give Congress "the information they want, but we don't want them to use us as an example. If we don't get the immunity we want, I imagine we'll take the Fifth Amendment on a majority of the questions they ask."

But this is what Canseco says:

"I have nothing to hide,'' Canseco told Gomez. "Everything I have to say is in my book, but if they want me to go, I'll be there. It will be interesting if others go and hide behind the Fifth Amendment. If that happens, well, I think people can make up their own minds when it comes to those types of answers.''

Hmm...Canseco's Lawyer says that without immunity Canseco will plead the fifth. Canseco challenges other ball players to go in front of congress and testify and he pretty much saying he'll mock those who have to plead the fifth. What a hypocrite.

I still believe that a congressional hearing is a big waste of resources. They didn't even think of calling on Canseco to testify until his book came out and it just gives another opportunity for Canseco to strut in front of the media.


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