Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A's win despite shaky start

OAK 15, TEX 9

Rich Harden struck out eight in four innings but allowed seven runs. It's good to see the A's win despite mediocre start. It sure feels better to win after a shaky start than to lose because some bullpen guy (like Jim Mecir and Arthur Rhodes) blows the save. Also the run support has been awesome today. I'm not complaining about Harden's seven earned runs. Hell, he struck out eight today, in four innings. That's a free two-liter of Pepsi if it was a home game in the regular season.

Here's a tidbit I picked up from Peter Gammons' latest article on ESPN.com:
• Fans come up to GM Billy Beane during games this spring and have pleaded with him not to trade Eric Byrnes, which he's not going to do right now.
Glad to see I'm not the only one who believes that Byrnes should stay. His artilce was pretty insightful about the depth of the Giants roster and how they could cope with a lack of Barry Bonds. I still think that their offense is still built around Bonds and as such, it they may well falter without him. And next year is going to be real scary for Giants fans. This is their "all or nothing year" and next year is a possible fire sale. Only time will tell who are the true Giants fans and who are the Barry Bonds bandwagon jumpers.


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