Monday, February 21, 2005

OT: Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown is Blogging

Here's a link to his blog. Look at it and just ponder it for awhile. I have serious doubts that Jerry is actually writing his blog. The first post did sound like a paraphrased press release and the first day I checked it and the "email me" link went to an email account of somebody connected for his 2006 state AG campaign. There was also a link to his campaign site.

Today the links to his campaign are gone and the "email me" is to I still have doubts that "jb" is actually Jerry Brown.

I think this is just a lame ripoff of Howard Dean's Blog for America.

The SF Chronicle's Matier & Ross wrote a little something about it today, thy think it's really Jerry doing the blogging. I just think he has a ghostwriter.


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