Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New A's players?

Oakland Athletics Last year 91-71, second in division

Offseason moves of note: Added Octavio Dotel , Erubiel Durazo , Dan Haren , Kiko Calero , and Jason Kendall . All will fit well in the Oakland system with the exception of Kendall who is a touch on the overpaid side I think. Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson are gone--how that can be good I'm not sure. Haren and Calero were bright spots for the Cardinals last year with strong futures ahead.

- From Spring Training Preview by Nathanial Skinner,

Hmm...the A's added Dotel and Durazo? I think just made a boo boo. However I am glad that at least sombody out there in the media has noticed that the Oakland bullpen is stronger. It's a little refreshing to see somebody who isn't an A's doomsayer these days. Le'ts hope we can prove those doomsayers wrong.


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