Saturday, February 12, 2005

More allegations against former A's players?

The accusations and hearsay just doesn't stop this offseason, doesn't it?

First Giambi admits to steroid use, then Canseco implicates a whole litany of former A's players like McGwire, Giambi, Tejada as steroid users.

It seems that the A's finally joined the bat corking controversy today thanks to an astute diarist at Athletics Nation who happened to luck into some A's memorabilia at FanFest.

Click here for the story, but here's an excerpt:

We even showed it to Dave Stewart and he said and I quote "There is definantly something wrong with that bat"

You know this strikes me as funny. It's like when the BALCO story just broke out and we also found out that in addition to prominent Bay Area ballplayers juicing up like Giambi and Bonds we also had a borderline players like Randy Velarde and Marvin Benard juicing. Proof that steroids won't make you into a good player if you sucked to begin with.

Addendum to post [2/13/05 8:07AM]:

Ok, but steroids might turn a good player into a great or even a legendary player who might break records...I've always believed that records is one of the things that makes baseball great. I see lots of gray...I'm such a confused baseball fan.


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