Thursday, February 10, 2005

The issue that won't go away.

San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales wants to attract a big league team to his city. Almost everybody knows that the big league team in question is the A's.

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig says, "Not so fast San Jose, you guys are sitting in Giants Territory."

If San Jose has so much trouble trying to get a BART extension, which is a necessity, then how can it try to attract a big league baseball team? I would like to think that mass transit is more important than a baseball team.

I can picture it now. It's A's opening day 2009 at beautiful new KnightRidder Yards in Downtown San Jose, I'm driving to the game but I miss first pitch because I was stuck in traffic, especially that bottleneck on I-880 where an 8-lane freeway turns into a 4-lane freeway. I get really frustrated thanks to the traffic and to alleviate that frustration I get out of control drunk at the game and get a DUI on the way home.

Message to San Jose, get BART first, then think baseball. This is the reason why I think the A's should stay in Oakland, they already have the mass transit infrastructure.

But when push comes to shove, I guess the San Jose Athletics are preferable to the Las Vegas Athletics. But I think it's best if my beloved A's stay in Oakland, where they belong.

On a side note, San Francisco will host the All Star Game in 2007. The Giants front office breathes a big sigh of relief because that will be the only reason why anybody will buy Giants season tickets after Barry Bonds retires with zero world series rings.

Oh yeah, I feel sorry for the single-A San Jose Giants, they seem to get no love from their town.

Addendum to post [2/10/06 7:53 AM]:

A's to Sacramento? What? A team swap? A's to Sacramento and the RiverCats to Oakland where they become the PCL Oakland Oaks again? This is getting a little bit tiresome. Mr. Wolff please announce a stadium plan ASAP to kill all these "A's to..." rumors! And I thought the "Byrnes to..." rumors were annoying.


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