Monday, February 28, 2005

In search for the Big Unit

It is tech week for Traviata and we've moved to our theatre. It's at the Livermore Performing Arts Theatre, at Livermore High School.

The same Livermore High School New York Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson graduated from in 1982. The same Livermore High School that Johnson pitched a perfect game for in his final high school start.

The halls of the building in which the theatre is located are adorned with composites of every graduating class at LHS from the late 40's to the mid 80's when the school grew to the point where a composite of the senior class was no longer feasible. The last composite was for the Class of '82.

I've done shows for Livermore Valley Opera before and I've never put two and two together till earlier tonight.

I'm going to look for Randy Johnson's senior photo. Did he have a 'stache back then? How does he look the same? How has he changed? Stay tuned. Also I'm probably going to be a sporadic poster for a while because of the show.


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