Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Golden State Warriors...


I listen to trusty KCBS whenever I can't sleep, like now. It seems that every night the Warriors play the sports update always start with, "The Warriors had a great 3rd quarter tonight, but they still lost."

I so thought that the W's were going to turn it around this year. I was ready to bust out my late 80's Warriors sweatshirt and jacket and jump right back on to the bandwagon. But no matter how well they play a team for three quarters, they just can't close a game.

It's absurd that the W's haven't made it into the playoffs in over 10 the NBA, where the playoffs are a whole lot more wide open than in other sports. How can a team overcome such a culture of suckage? I thought the made the right moves with Monty and Mullin, for awhile I was truly excited. I guess it's wait 'till next year...again.

A team must suck pretty bad that they use stars from other teams to promote their season ticket mini-plans. Hey, you're an Asian-American, why don't you buy a plan so you can catch Yao Ming at the Oakland Arena? Um, no.

I can't believe the worst team in Oakland has the nicest facilities.


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