Friday, February 11, 2005

Emotional Hangovers

I'm suffering from one right now...It's not a real hangover (y'know, from alcohol), but it's not quite emotional. I'm just really tired. Had a long day at school and work. Also I saw a production of La Traviata last night. One of my friends was in it, he was the Baron, and I went with his fiancee. I've never had to lie so much as I did last night...

I ran into somebody I did a show with a few months ago and she asked, "Do you like the show so far?"

"Um...uhh, yes?" I replied.

Out of karma, I'm not going to say too much of the opera, except that the tempi was waaay to slow. Italian opera is meant to be fast.

Another person who is emotionally hung over right now is Hall of Famer and former A's great Reggie Jackson. He tried to put a group together to buy the A's recently but Lew Wolff beat him to the punch.

I'm all for more minorities in the upper tier of sports such as front office staff and owners but I just don't have that good of a vibe coming from Reggie. Although at every opportunity he gets he shows off how "Oakland" he is by recounting the Oakland of his youth and goes on to say that he still has season tickets to the A's and lives in the Oakland Hills, it seems that he's compensating for something.

Maybe he's compensating for the fact that he wants to move the A's to Las Vegas? However Oakland he may be, if the team is his, he could try to move it to Vegas, it's not a secret that he was helping the Vegas get a baseball team, now that the Expos are now the Nats, does that mean the A's are now on the proverbial auction (or chopping) block?


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