Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Electronic Crack

I have come to grips that I am addicted to blogging. Yes, this is the "electronic crack" that I'm talking about.

I was about to write about media bias and the A's and the conventional thinking of free agent acquisitions is what makes you a "winner" or a "loser" in the offseason, but I'm writing about this instead.

I have been consistently 5 minutes late to my first class every morning. Why? At the moment that I should be getting in my truck driving to school, instead I'm on the internet. Internet now usually means checking out Athletics Nation, Pearly Gates or maybe 6-4-2 and post glib or snide comments while thinking of something relevant for this blog. There is many a time where I'm typing something and I'm thinking "Why the hell am I posting on a blog right now? I have stuff to do."

That "stuff to do" is learning Traviata. Rehearsals start Saturday, and I have a coaching with the conductor on Friday. I've broken down the opera into two parts (that I'm in) Act I and Act II Scene 2.

I've also broken things down to solo lines and parts where I'm doubling the tenors in the chorus. My solo lines are pretty much down, but not memorized, the chorus parts aren't that far behind but...

The problem with Italian opera is never the notes, the lines are very beautiful melodies, but it's the words. Italian Opera of the 1800's usually incorporate fast rhythms and a whole buttload of syllables scrunched into eighth and sixteenth notes. Try saying "Si ridesta in ciel l'aurora" five times fast, no I'm not kidding, oh yeah, and don't sound American while you're doing it.

I'm confident that I won't make a fool out of myself in my first legit professional gig but I feel I have way too many distractions. But at least I've resolved to listen to Traviata non stop when I'm practicing or doing something that requires listening. Like I'm listening to Traviata as I'm writing this.

It's time to focus Kenny...

Addendum to post [2/2/05 12:46AM]:

I just found out that I am not called for rehearsal on Super Bowl Sunday. I have also found out that most of my friends are going to the Why Not for drinks, food and Super Bowl. I have two midterms on's such a dilemma!


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