Sunday, February 27, 2005

Daric Barton in hospital

Daric Barton, A's catching prospect, is in a hospital in Arizona undergoing an appendectomy. This information is courtesy of Daric Barton's dad (a.k.a. "socalbaseballfan"), who posted it on Athletics Nation.

This isn't threatening in any way to his career but you can easily assume his first big league camp is over for him.

Here's to a speedy recovery Daric, and also a speedy callup to AAA. I'll make a roadie to see you in Sac when you get there.

Addendum to post [2/27/05 10:51 PM]:

Here's a link to the AP wire story of Barton's appendicitis, it's good to know that socalbaseballfan really is Daric Barton's dad. Whew and I thought a "Bartongate" scandal was going to sweep this blog.


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