Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bash Brothers

Jose Canseco jumps into the "Did McGwire 'roid up?" debate, a few years late mind you, but he is now officially in the fray.

Yes, it is plausible that McGuire may have used steroids, but I'm not going to believe that coming from Canseco's mouth.

I think Canseco would write anything to make his book sell. He's broke and desperate for money. He'll say anything just to get people to start talking about him again, and it seems like it's working. Remember, this is the guy who believe that he's cause of all the steroid use in baseball in the 90's. I knew steroids made your head big, but not big like that.

So is this a case of McGwire envy?

Is this a tarnishing the Bash Brothers A's of my youth? I tend not to think so, I known Canseco was 'roiding up all along. McGwire didn't really become "Big Mac" until around the time of his trade to St. Louis, after the Bash Brothers.

I also resolve not listen to any sports radio for the next week because I know what's it's all about no matter who I turn on: "The Patriots are now a dynasty and Tom Brady is the next Joe Montana." It's not that I don't like the Patriots or Tom Brady, another Bay Area native, but I don't need to hear the anything ad nauseam unless I'm trying to memorize it.

Thirteen days 'till pitchers and catcher repot and counting.


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