Friday, February 25, 2005

Back from hiatus

I've been swamped with midterms and papers lately, and the release of MVP '05 for the PS2 didn't help either.

MVP is awesome, the animations of the players and the gameplay is much more realistic from last year's version. Too bad next year will feature generic rosters since take two got an exclusive licence from the MLBPA.


Jose Canseco is selling his 1989 WS ring. It's on eBay (the auction site, not my school) right now the the bidding is over $30K (reserve met).

I wonder how desperate for money this guy is. If I had a big ego like him I'd nver part with my WS ring. I'd show it off every chance I'd get.

Also the ring doesn't seem to be in that good of a condition. Would I pay $30K+ for somebody else's WS ring? No, but there are people out there who would.


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