Friday, January 14, 2005

Ray Ratto=arrgh

Here's another article by the Bay Area's favorite sportswriter, Ray Ratto.

It's about Bay Area Baseball and it's general mangers; Brian Sabean of the S.F. Giants and Billy Beane of the Oakland A's.

Have I mentioned that I don't really like Ratto? I probably haven't, since this is a relatively new blog. Ratto, is just so full of himself and smug and he probably walks around town thinking I'm so fucking smart and I also know everything there is to know about sports. This guy is an arrogant asshole who would rather write an inflammatory piece rather than an informative piece. Well isn't that a theme that is repeated over an over in America. Yes, the state of the media, is pretty sorry nowadays with Fox News, the government paying off journalists to endorce No Child Left Behind, Rathergate and much much more. At least Tucker Carlson got fired from CNN, and who the hell wears bowties anymore?

I've always envisioned Ratto as a Jim Rome gone bad. Now I love Romey, but he's a funny asshole and he does have some manner and tact, also Romey is not an arrogant bastard, like Ratto.

I will give credit where credit's due, for every once in awhile Ratto does write something relavant, but this time is not one of them.

Let me give you a little excerpt of Ratto's work:

If this seems a bit more Machiavellian than you're ready to digest this morning, a lot of things have happened to the A's since Beane moved Hudson and Mulder in the fire sale of the new century. And since Beane isn't one to miss the angles, it seems that the hasty day-of-deal diagnosis (he did all this to cut down on payroll and try to start over again down the road) was only about two-thirds correct.

For one, "down the road" could mean San Jose. Or Las Vegas.

For two, Beane has always had a covetous eye up the corporate step-ladder, toward a piece of the action, and he has always paid attention to the action at owners' box level. If anything was happening on the sale of the team, he was surely among the first to know.

-From "Sabean's Senior Discount" by Ray Ratto in a special article to

You know, in sports it's not a "fire sale" when after trading away your stars, some analysts still rate the team as a playoff contender.

You know, Beane hate's the concept of losing. Haven't you heard of the stories of Beane throwing chairs because he didn't get that draft pick? Or the reason why he doesn't watch the A's play?

Yes, Beane is starting again, but not down the road, but now. I can't stand the fact that Ratto is ripping Beane for being a dumb GM, because Beane is doing what his philosopy dictates. Using baseball's market inefficiencies to his and the A's advantage and go with youth.

If Beane really didn't care about the team, he wouldn't have gotten Kendall, or resign Durazo, or sign Yabu.

Yabu is the best case to prove that Billy Beane is trying to compete this year. He signed a decent veteran pitcher at a good price. He knew American starters were overpriced, even the mediocre pitchers were getting signed to ridiculous contracts (like Russ Ortiz 4 years/$33 million), so instead he goes to Japan and gets a cheap import. He spends $1 million for a starter, as opposed for several million.

Ratto really pisses me off. Why can't that guy be an actual journalist, because that's what they pay him the big bucks for, and report the news, and give informed opinions.

I guess well thought out news articles that inform people don't sell newspapers anymore.


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