Monday, January 10, 2005

I love school...

I am in a class right now, it's CS 1020, or Intro to computers or something, it's located in a computer lab. It's a GE class that can fulfill my "information literacy" requirement. After three years of almost exclusively taking music courses, it a little wierd for me to be taking non-music academic courses again, but I have to so I can graduate. Despite that, this class is cake, we all know how to use computers here. This class isn't all bad it give me time to check my fantasy teams, email and of course posting on my blog. I love college, it's the last time in my life in which I can be a slacker and yet still be a respectable member of society. The downside is my next class, a public admin class which is upper divison GE for me and a master's prerequisite for everybody else. I feel a bit out of place being the only non-MPA student in the class.

It's like I'm in the "real world." In music classes I was among musicians, now I'm the token music major in all of my classes. I don't think I'll be buried in my public admin class because before I was a music major I was pre-law and did reasonably well.

Since I'll still be short some classes for graduation by June, I'm pushing back my graduation to next June, so I can walk in the big ceremony. It's important for my family since I'll be the first person on my mom's side to graduate from college, they'll be planning a big trip from Hong Kong over to the Bay Area to see me graduate. Next year will be cake, I'll have about 7 classes in 4 quarters, I could drop to half time, and just coast to graduation.

However I do have something to look forward to in the spring, my senior recital. I have yet to fully finalize my program but the first half will be Schumann's Dichterliebe. Dichterliebe, for those of you not in the know is a cycle of 16 songs, in German and it's about a guy who falls in love with a girl, girl doesn't like him and marries somebody else, the guy is hurt. In a nutshell it's unrequited love, very German Romantic.

I've just been "shushed" by neighbor, my typing's "distracting" them. I'll get back to you later.

The rest of the class will be more boring now.

I'm back, I'm just adding the to post I was on, I don't think a new post is warranted, I'm not editing anything above, so let's move on but in a new font.

I know me banging away on my keyboard may be distracting, but the person who was shushing me was like the only person actually paying attention in class. I was seated in the back row and saw what was really on the computer screens of the workstations; one guy was on eBay, some girl was drawing pictures on Microsoft Paint, everybody else was mostly checking their email. If you wanted to be a good student, you sit in the front, not the back, that's where us slackers sit. As I told you, the class is cake and I finished the excercises early and I'm completing my post from the library in an attempt to kill time before my public admin class.

I'll be really pissed if somebody says my typing is interfering with their library time.

Back to Dichterliebe, I'm mostly memorized so the learning of the music is not an issue for me right now, the issue is interpretation, the "artistry" of making the music, so to speak. Singing is not reproducing said pitch with said syllable with said note value, it if is it's not singing, it called boring singing. Singing is unique among musical forms because there's words involved, words that tell a story. You really have to emote to get the story across to the audience.

I was never much of an actor, I was tech theatre major for awhile but was pressed into service acting in musicals since I was one of the few people in the Theatre Department who could carry a tune. I didn't suck but I can tell you I'm not that good, however it's funny because I feel like my acting is getting better naturally with my musical talent. I think it's from all the emoting you do while you're singing to get that across. I still need to improve my acting so in my walk year next year, I'll probably take a few acting classes.

Hmmm... I'm just rambling now, I don't know how I can dig myself out of this hole... I'm going to end the post now.


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