Friday, January 21, 2005

Giambi Bros. = potheads?

Here's a funny story that was posted on Athletics Nation:

Giambi wanted a bong hit

By oakwin2004 on Thu Jan 20th, 2005

Okay, I'm bored so I'll tell AN about the time I ran into Giambi and mini G at Riley's bar in Chico, back in 1998. Needless to say I was wasted, I bought a round of shots, put them on a tray and walked my drunkass up to his table. At that time his gf lived in chico. Anyway I plopped the drinks on the table and started talking, not sure what I said but we talked about the A's for about 20 minutes, how he thought greg papa was a poser and how billy taylor shld get dealt. But the best part was when he said"hey you smell like gonja" As I was apologizing he said" no,it's cool, do you have any?" I almost fell over. For some unknown reason, I said no, even though my house was like a block away. Anyway, I've always regretted not smokin him out. Maybe I cld have traded him for some Anyway it's kinda quiet so i thought I'd tell a TRUE story. Disclaimer: To avoid potential liability, the truth is a absolute defense to a slander claim.

I love Chico, haven't partied there in years but whenever I went, things were crazy. I remember this one time I went there for St. Paddy's and I finished a final at Hayward and proceeded to drive to Chico. When I got there I started drinking, met up with some random dude who had a similar interest in lacrosse and we drank some more. By this time it was 3:00 AM. We were out of liquor. We broke into a sorority house raided their liquor cabinet and started to wander about town drinking. I blacked out and saw my companion hop onto a moving train. Blacked out again and was at a raggae party. Black out one last time and ended up in some random guy's apartment. Woke up, felt hung over, had a beer and started all over again. I love Chico. The parties will never the the same as it was with the Chico and Campus PD closing off the town for Labor Day, Halloween and St. Paddy's but that place is fun, perhaps too fun.


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