Thursday, January 27, 2005


Yes, consistency is the bane of athletes and singers alike. Being consistenly good is the ticket to the bigs if you're a minor leaguer. For me, that, and a case of nerves is what separating me from the next level. I need to be in that next level if I am to stand a chance for a grad program in vocal performance, it's a good thing that the last remnants of my GE will hold my graduation date to the Spring of '06. A little over a hundred years after one of my ancestors fled San Francisco before the Great Quake, on the warning of a prophetic dream, I shall graduate from College. Yes, I'm a little dissatissfied over the name change, but as long as the Governator's signature is on my diploma, it's all good.

Now back to the topic at hand.

When I'm on, I'm on I could sing high-C after high-C over and over again. It seems like I could tackle that tenor aria from La Fille du Regiment.

When I'm not, which is most of the time, my tone is mostly closed and not necessarily small, but not full sounding and lacking color, like an "early music" sound. I know I can sing better than this. It's all in my head, it's all mental, not technique, I know technique. I cannot utilize the small voice for my solo repetoire. Small voice is for early music and choir stuff. It's all in your head, fix it Kenny.


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