Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Chinese Terrorists...NOT!

It's been a slow news week for the Oakland A's, you can totally tell at Athletics Nation, we had one troll that really messed things up for awhile. And musically I haven't really listened to anything that inspired me to write, so I've been writing about random things lately on this blog.

Lately, I have just been going nuts trying to learn my part in Traviata, and harmonizing a new soprano descant for one of the pieces my church choir is going to sing on Ash Wednesday. I finished one thing and I can guarantee you it isn't learning Traviata, although I am slightly ahead of pace.

Well to the business of the post. Last Thursday I was at a Radio Shack buying a blank cassette tape so I could record a coaching. While I was there, CNN had a report on some alleged terrorists in a possible "Dirty Bomb" plot. Those people were Chinese Nationals and I thought, Wow...Chinese terrorists, that's weird.

At first I was a little scared, if Al Qaida can recruit Chinese, can they recruit other that would blend in better in the States? Or at least not draw so much suspicion.

Turns out, the report was a hoax, started by a Mexican people smuggler who often smuggled Chinese illegally into this country from Mexico. Apparently that guy got pissed that he lost out on a deal, so in a drug and alcohol induced state, he call the CHP and left a warning to derail his competitors.

That made sense. Why would terrorists be smuggled in to this country from Mexico when they can get in with normal means with false documents or a very clean record. Also, why those certain Chinese people? They looked beyond fobby and most definitely could not fit in anywhere around Boston except for Chinatown. At least the 9/11 hijackers looked westernized, I remember watching the airport surveillance tapes watching the hijackers board and I thought that they blended in really well. They had carry-on luggage and wore business casual attire, they looked like average business travelers, the Chinese "terrorists" obviously looked like recent immigrants, I could even picture them carrying the infamous red, white and blue striped plastic bags of which all immigrants from Asia bring.

I'm gald that the authorities found out it was a hoax and the person responsible is in the right hands. For awhile I was concerned that the bad guys had a new weapon.


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