Saturday, January 01, 2005

About this blog

This is version 2.0 of my "about this blog" post. To see version 1.0 click here.

Well, if you wanted to read this, then I assume you are asking this question:

Why is this guy talking about singing?

Well, this blog is intended to be two things. A blog dedicated to my love of the Oakland A's, and also a blog dedicated to the travails of me being a young broke musician. Specifically I'm a classically trained Tenor. I hope to make a living making music and I know I'm on the path to that goal.

That's why the name of this blog is The Seventh Inning Stretch. Where else can you enjoy singing and baseball at the same time and place?

Also, I don't expect to do this often because I have many good outlets for this, and I also feel foolish doing this when many others are better than me at this, but I may do a political post. This is usually when I'm frustrated at how things work in America or the world.

I am an unrepentant liberal who voted for Howard Dean in the 2004 primaries, let's get that out there. If you have different political views the me, this blog is still safe viewing since 75% of my content is directly baseball related and probably another 20% is music related.

As I've said, don't worry, I don't wish to post anything political with any regularity. Once in a blue moon, I'll probably harp on how arts funding is undervalued in America or follies of the "Christian" right (I believe that I'm much more Christian than those nutjobs).

But again, this is baseball blog written through the perspective of a classically trained musician. I think this is a very fresh perspective on a very grand and old game.

Welcome to The Seventh Inning Stretch, and enjoy.

-Kenny Louis
Hayward, CA