Friday, May 06, 2005

Yankees Suck

OAK 6, NYY 3 10 innings

Yes, the Yankees really do suck.

In a matchup billed as "Alyssa Milano's ex-boyfriend v. Alyssa Milano's ex-boyfriend" or more dramatically as "The Battle of the Milano Ex's" none of the two ex-boyfriends got the win. Instead, the A's won in ten innings.

Zito did pitch really well, although his strikeout numbers are not as high as they were in 2002 his K/BB ration for his last few outings have been awesome, he only walked one today.

Although the offense did throw away a few opportunites to win the game without going to extra frames, it was gratifying to see the Yankees lose due to their own ineptitude in the tenth. The A's managed to score three runs without hitting a ball out of the infield. Three errors were comitted, two by Tino Martinez and one by A-Rod. Yeah, the A's didn't really beat the Yankees, the Yankees beat themselves up. Still, this victory was good for the A's. The A's got their lucky breaks, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

I wonder how it feels to be a Yankee right now. They just dropped three out of four to the Devil Rays and have now lost a game due to errors on their part. I bet King George is ready to blow a gasket.

About exactly a year ago this time, a Yankee team after suffering from a disastrous road trip, returned to New York to face the A's. They swept the A's and righted their ship. Let's hope this time it's the A's who will right their ship.


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