Sunday, May 15, 2005

Wake me up when this is over...

NYY 6, OAK 4

Since the last A's victory, which was against the Yankees, the A's have lost eight games. The Yankees, on the other hand, have won eight. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and just admire the symmetry of things. I knew that the series in New York would be a much needed springboard for one team, it just happened that the team benefiting from the series was the Yankees, again.

Oh yeah, Ricardo Rincon is slowly but surely writing the case on why he should strictly be a LOOGY (Lefty One-out Only GuY), they guy just can't get that third out, which killed the A's in the seventh. Please Macha, use this guy for one AB and then pull him for Street, Cruz, Duke, Yabu, anybody. Rincon is our new Mecir, and some smartass is going to create a "Fear Rincon" sign and hang it off the bleachers sooner or later.

The A's have dropped the last three series, in the last ten games the A's record has been one and nine. The A's have been swept for two of ther last three losing series.

All I'm asking for is one lousy win from the Red Sox, just don't get swept. Yes, I have officially lowered my expectations for the A's from "contend" to "just don't get embarassed." Our farm system is still stacked and 2006 will most definitely be better than this.

And who knows, maybe the A's will finally right their ship, Chavez and Durazo will grow some testicles and hit home runs so the A's will go on another 20-game tear and make it into the playoffs. Or maybe not.

Remember the 2003 Marlins, anything can happen.


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